Just because gift wrap is typically not recyclable, there are other beautiful ways to wrap that gift.

Environmental friendly gift wrap

With only 6 sleeps left before Christmas day, many of you are probably finishing last minute shopping and getting ready to, pardon the pun, wrap things up.  Before you run out to buy pretty coloured paper, we’d like to remind you that, sadly, most wrapping paper is not recyclable due to the inks used to dye it and the additives it contains (i.e. glitter, plastics, etc.).  Many gift tags are not recyclable either, for the same reason.  And ribbon?  We know it’s pretty, but we beg you, please don’t put it in your blue bin!  So what’s a Christmas wrapper to do?  Here are a few ideas that will help you green up your holiday packages:

Make Your Own:

Newspaper or plain paper can be transformed into beautiful wrapping with a little creativity.  Gather your family and spend an hour painting or  stamping and you will end up with beautiful recyclable wrapping paper that has a bit of a personal touch!

Maps and Calendars:

Old maps make beautiful wrapping and since most of us rely on GPS on our phones or in our car, they won’t be missed! Last year’s calendar?  Perfect way to reuse it!


Using fabric is a brilliant alternative to wrapping paper.  Whether you use fabric scraps picked up at a thrift store or a tea towel or t-shirt that’s part of the present, there are unlimited ways to wrap it up with fabric!


If you still can’t give up the wrapping paper habit, don’t fret.  If you look really closely at the wrapping paper in the stores, you will find that some have been made from recycled paper, without the glitter and other additives that prohibit it from being recycled.  If you HAVE to have store bought wrapping paper, look for the kind that is green!


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