Our Worms have DIED !

We are working to restock our little squiggly friends, but for now we do not have any to sell.
We will update this post once the become available again.

So you’ve heard of composting with worms and you’d like to try it out! NEAT has a clew of worms in our office that we are happy to share.

That said, their numbers are not always sufficient to harvest immediately and filling out the form below will place you on our list.

You will receive a container with enough worms to start your own indoor composting system. We do not weigh or count them, but will fill a small container for you. Worms will eat their body weight in organics every two days and will continue multiplying until they can meet the demand you’ve created.

You will need a container to house your new worms, bedding to keep them comfy, and a steady supply of organics to feed them. For more information on how to compost with worms, click here.


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