Cleaner in a mason jar.Our team at NEAT has been bouncing around some ideas about reuse, green cleaning, and these days; saving money.  This has taken us in many directions, but we want to know what you think about a couple of them.

BULK – Let us steer you away from the idea of bulk food for just a minute.  Yes, we love the idea of bulk food and reducing packaging everywhere we can.  We want to expand on that idea.  If you could buy cleaners, soaps, or even vinegar in bulk, would you?  If you could take your old bottle somewhere and just fill it up again, is that something you would like to do?  Have you considered making your own green cleaners?  Are there ingredients that you have had trouble finding?  Would you like to see those ingredients available in bulk?

CLOTH DIAPERS – This one keeps coming up.  If you had easy access to high quality cloth diapers, would you use them.  If someone presented you with the numbers proving that you could save money over the diaper stage of your child, would you be interested?  If previously loved diapers were available, would you be interested in buying them for your child and saving even more?  Let’s go another step.  If a diaper service was available in your area, would you be interested in subscribing in the service?

These are a couple of the topics that we thought of.  They are not new ideas, but they might be new to our area.  Let us know what you think.  If you have other ideas, please share those too.  If we work together to make “green” choices easy, no one will have any excuse not to do it.


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