One of our favourite things to do during the holidays is to find new ways to use old things and turn them into beautiful decorations for the tree or house.  Today, we are going to help you get some use out of books or newspapers that are ready to go to recycling.

You’ll need to gather:








Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, you will need to do the following:





1.  Carefully pull out 36 pages  – don’t worry if the edges aren’t perfectly straight!






2.  Fold pages in half (it doesn’t matter if you fold long or short edges)


3.  Decide what shape you want (Diamond, Circle, Heart, etc.), trace 1/2 on the folded edge of the paper (1/2 circle, triangle for diamond, etc.) and cut out.




4.  Once your pages are all cut, begin gluing them together until you have a stack that looks like this.





5. Thread the beads (or buttons, washer, whatever bauble you like) that you want on the bottom of your ornament on your string and glue the string along the glued edge – then glue the top of the pile to the bottom shape.  String the top beads or baubles and tie your loop. Viola`!


Beautiful handmade ornaments for your tree!


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