The Monthly Dig 10/20

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    The Monthly Dig
October 2020

The Summer Wrap
A new home, Garden Program wrap up, Adios Neat Finds

As usual here in the north, it seems as though summer has absolutely flown by. 2020 has posed some spectacular challenges on us all but the NEAT Crew has battled through the adversity on their way to creating some amazing programming for our community.

The community and school yard garden projects came to an end at the beginning of the month, just as the weather began to turn. Which meant we saw the departure of two crew members: Deb Jarvis and David.  Both were integral to the upkeep and survival of our school gardens programs. They worked tirelessly to beat back weeds, fend off deer and battled through 27 days of rain to make sure the crop flourished. All those delicious cucumbers, onions, and mini pumpkins pulled went into our NOURISH program and to students in those schools, which was a nice touch.
A very BIG thank you to both Deb and David. We hope to see you again next year.

The colder weather has also brought an end to the Northern Co-Hort


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