It’s here!  The most magical month of the year!  Whether you’re 1 or 101, there’s something about the month of December that just brings out the warm fuzzies…am I right?

Maybe it’s because December is a month of giving, and we all know it isn’t just the big guy in the red suit that’s making a list and checking it twice. There’s a certain feeling of satisfaction when we find the perfect gift for someone in our lives.  From your parents to your spouse, your kids to their teachers, gift giving is what the season is all about.

That’s why the start of our “31 Days of Holiday Tips and Tricks” is going to be all about giving.  For the next 3 days, we are going to help you find the perfect gifts for some of the people on your list.

The One That’s Hard To Buy For:

We all have at least one of these people on our list.  No matter how long or hard we think, we just can’t seem to find the right thing to give this person.  Maybe it’s your child’s teacher…how many mugs/tumblers/pencil holders can one teacher get?  That bottle of wine?  The one you were going to get and remove the label to replace it with a picture of your kiddo and the caption “Because he/she is the reason you drink”.  Cute, but so last year!  Or maybe it’s your dad, ties and socks are nice and all, but again…how many does one need?

Looking for a  new idea?  How about donating to your favourite charity in someone else’s name?  You could plant a tree, give clean water or medical care to children in 3rd world countries, or help animals throughout our Province.

Looking for something local?  Donate to one of our local Food Banks, adopt a family or child in the toy drive.  Want something tangible that the honouree can see and touch?  Something near and dear to all of us at NEAT’s hearts is our Seeds of Change program.  You can sponsor a garden bed or plant a fruit tree at one of our region’s schools that participate in the Food Secure Kids program.  Your “person” will be recognized in the respective garden and families all around will know to thank them for this gift!

Whatever you choose, a gift of charity in someone else’s name is truly the gift that gives back!


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