NEAT is a non-profit group dedicated to helping residents, schools, and businesses of Northern British Columbia live greener lives.  NEAT primarily provides environmental education, but also assists organizations and institutions to develop strategic plans for reducing waste and conserving resources.

NEAT was formed in 1989 as a volunteer community group with the original mandate to lessen the environmental impacts of the local waste-stream.  Since then, NEAT’s mandate has expanded from our original focus on solid waste reduction to encompass all aspects of the urban environment with the broader goal of developing sustainable communities.

NEAT is an award winning organization with a very positive public image.  As a grassroots, not-for-profit organization, NEAT enjoys strong community support.  This is demonstrated by public participation in its environmental education initiatives.  NEAT’s programs are designed to inspire personal involvement and engagement, while fostering sustainability our communities.

NORTHERN – Where we live and work.
ENVIRONMENTAL – What we care about.
ACTION – We don’t just talk, we do!
TEAM – We work together to reach our goals.