Now that school is out for the holidays, what will you do with all of that free time?

School is Out for the Holidays.

It’s official, the holiday season is now in full swing!  With the ring of the last school bell today, little (and bigger) kiddos ran out of school for the last time in 2016.  For the next 2 weeks, they will constantly remind you that they are home.  Choruses of Christmas tunes only last so long before you hear the dreaded “I’m bored” that seems to come, without fail, when the kids are out of school.  So, while you may be looking around and calculating all the time you need between now and December 25 to get all the holiday errands, cleaning and cooking done and praying that there might be some time in there to actually enjoy the holidays, your kiddos will be looking for something to do.  To help you out we have compiled a list of things we think you might enjoy:

1.  Christmas Crafting – HGTV has put together 60 crafty ideas for you to explore with your kiddos!

2. Make a fun holiday treat – Martha Stewart’s website has 12 kid friendly ideas to make with your kids.

3. Have a family game night.

4. Donate.  The holiday break is the perfect time to have your kids go through toys and clothes and donate the ones they no longer play with or fit in.

5. Go on a winter scavenger hunt – The Melissa & Doug Blog has a great list to hunt for!

6. Make and eco-friendly bird feeder to hang in your yard.  Need some inspiration? Head over to Google and see what you can make!

7. Go Ice Skating at one of the amazing rinks the city has put up in local parks.  Too cold?  Visit an indoor rink!

8.  Need a break from the cold? Head over to the pool! It will make you think of tropical places, if only for a little while.

9.  Go bowling at Fort Bowling Lanes or Dawson Creek

10. Make a snow angel

11. Have a family snowman building contest.  See if you can beat these brothers -> look here   If you do, let us know!

12.  Visit the Community Forest in Fort St. John or McQueen Slough in Dawson Creek.  If you’ve never been there in the wintertime, it is simply magical!

13. Go sledding or  snow shoeing or skiing or cross country skiing

14. Go to a movie.

15.  Have movie night at home

The options are endless!  Whatever you do, enjoy each other and have a wonderful winter break!


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