The Northern Co-Hort, in partnership with Seeds of Diversity, is hosting three webinars to celebrate seed saving and exchanging this spring! Tune in for this free live webinar: Preserving the Flight of the Monarch: Reclaiming Biodiversity for Pollinator Protection with Michelle Smith. This event will be moderated by Northern Co-Hort member Katy Peck of Canadian Acres, who will provide a local perspective on the topic of pollinators! Register at the bottom of this page.

Can you imagine a world where we treat all plants, animals, water, air and people with equal respect? This presentation will explore the effects of “manufactured landscapes” on plant biodiversity, affecting the health of the ecosystems we depend on. Pollinators are in steep decline, yet they are responsible for one-third of the world’s food supply. In particular, the Monarch butterfly population has plummeted since the 1970’s. Many factors have contributed to their depletion, however anyone with a lawn, balcony or access to green space can be pre-eminent in revitalizing Monarch populations and ensuring climate-readiness. By planting milkweed in a pot or butterfly garden patch, you can make a difference for this incredible insect. I hope to inspire you through learning about the unparalleled life and journey of the Monarch butterfly, to consider connecting your community as a ‘butterflyway’ for Monarchs.


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