It’s amazing how fast it goes once Food Secure Kids hits classrooms! During week #1, we talked about trying new things and ate a rainbow in kindergarten,  learned about what makes a garden and started a field journal in Grades 1 and 2, learned about what food security means and where our food comes from while baking a cake in Grades 3 and 4, and then explored making healthy eating choices and meal planning with Grades 5 and 6!

All of these lessons are delivered by NEAT staff in classrooms across Fort St John and Wonowon. Food Secure Kids is a program that strives to improve awareness of where our food comes from and what goes into getting it to us. Hopefully our students were inspired enough to take their lessons home and share the new foods they tried or the cake they baked. Maybe they asked to go to the grocery store and looked for the country of origin labels on their favourite foods. 

We are inspired by their excitement about food and hope that we can continue to nurture an appreciation for those that keep us happy, healthy, and fed. 


Food Secure Kids is generously presented by Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Pembina Pipeline has provided full funding for four schools to participate in their first year of Food Secure Kids.


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