In February during the 2020 Winter Games NEAT worked with the PRRD to divert organic waste from the Games. We embarked on a pilot project with the Ministry of Environment and the Regional District that mirrored a program in Fort Nelson where they have been using worms to reduce their organic waste.

NEAT, in partnership with NOURISH, diverted most of the unserved food to local residents through the Food Bank and the amount of anticipated garbage was much less than we estimated (yay!). This success left us with a new challenge – we need more organic waste to complete the pilot project.

“This is an interesting situation,” says NEAT Executive Director, Karen Mason-Bennett, “normally we would approach restaurants and schools to gather this material, but due to the Covid pandemic, they are all closed.”

We are asking the public across the North Peace for their assistance in collecting kitchen scraps they normally would throw out or compost at home. We are offering a collection bin for organics at the remaining yard waste collections in May where they can be dropped off.


What You Need to Know:

  • Collect kitchen scraps and food waste in a bin at home
  • Businesses & restaurants are welcome to participate they will need to drop off on the two dates
  • May 16th collection is at the Community Garden (96th St & 100 Ave) from 10-3
  • May 30th collection is at the Kids Arena & Field House from 10-3
  • Accepted materials are listed below


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