It is the subject of great debate in households throughout Canada: Christmas trees, real or artificial?  Ask anyone you meet and they will have an opinion.  It appears we are very loyal to our choice.  The truth is, there are positives and negatives to both choices.  Most artificial trees are made from PVC which is definitely not the greenest of all plastics, if plastic can even be labeled as green.  However, if you can keep your artificial tree in use for 20+ years, it becomes more environmentally friendly than a real tree.  Cutting down real trees can add to climate change problems if not done at a Christmas tree farm where crops are planted in rotation with new trees constantly being grown and wildlife habitat being conserved.  You can also consider purchasing a tree that is bagged and can be replanted in the spring, which is the greenest option of all.

Once you’ve chosen your tree, it’s time to string the lights and hang the ornaments.  LED lights are the friendliest to our earth and, according to BC Hydro’s website, “Decorating your home with LED lights could reduce holiday lighting electricity use by up to 90%. For a B.C. house that operates holiday lights for six hours a day through the month of December, replacing the incandescent strands with LEDs would save you about $27 in energy costs for the month.”

So as you deck the halls this year, think about the environment.  Be sure to keep watching our 31 Days of Green Holiday Tricks and Tips as we will be showing you a few beautiful holiday decorations you can make from recycled items to add an even merrier look to your decor!


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