NEAT's First Podcast - Food Waste in Canada

Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin are internationally acclaimed documentary producers who created the award winning documentary on food waste, “Just Eat It.” The film follows the lives of the Vancouver couple as they stop buying groceries for 6 months and survive exclusively off of food that has been discarded by food retailers as they investigate the problem of food waste.

Why is an estimated 40% of our food going to waste in Canada? Why are millions of Canadians experiencing some form of food insecurity, while 200,000 tons of food is sent to landfills each year in Canada? Led by Jen and Grant’s down to earth demeanours, we shed light on the 31 Billion dollar problem that is food waste in Canada and explore solutions.

In this podcast, Jen and Grant share their knowledge on how, where and why food is wasted in Canada. We bring to light what a world without food waste might look like by listening to stories of best practices that eliminate food waste from Whitehorse to Amsterdam and we find out what the government of Canada has planned to solve the problem of food waste.

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