Oct 01 - 02 2022


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Market Garden Success

Market Garden (part 1): Design Principles & Practices
Saturday, October 1 st (3 hour workshop)
Market gardening has the potential to improve food security for communities and profitability to local farmers. This workshop will look at the fundamental principles, skills and design for successful market gardening by analyzing 4 seasons of production.
This workshop is taught by Zach Loeks, teaching methods and designs developed while commercial market gardening and selling through a 300 member CSA, two local farmer’s markets, online sales, and on-farm events.


Market Garden (part 2): Equipment Options & Solutions
Sunday, October 2 nd (3 hour workshop)

This workshop goes in depth into the tools, equipment, and supply options for growers. It especially looks at how two-wheel tractors are an affordable, effective and multi-
function equipment for small-scale market gardens. This course draws upon content from the Saturday workshop and exemplifies more specifics on tools and two-wheel
tractors and how these can be used together to profitably market garden on .25 to 3 acres. This workshop is taught by Zach Loeks, and focuses on practices using two-wheel
tractors and hand tools for commercial market gardening of vegetables, fruits, berries, and agro-forestry.

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