Sep 30 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Feed the North Fundraiser

The importance of food in northern communities has always been scrutinized for its lack
of resilience. With a reliance on southern farms, a precocious transport system and
less local food infrastructure, northerners face uncertain costs and quality when it
comes to this daily need. Growing food in gardens, landscapes and farms should be a
priority! As we increase the land in food, we increase food security. But the hurdle to
make is achieving landscapes that produce food reliably in northern climates and often
for those who would make this a part-time job or hobby. Edible eco-system design
offers solutions to discovering perennial food potential for communities, creating low-
effort gardens that yield big for homesteaders and offering profitable solutions for local
This workshop is taught by Zach Loeks, showcasing methods, such as Zipperbeds, 123
Planting, and Index Guilds, all of which improve northern community food security using
simple solutions.

Registration is now OPEN
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