NEAT offers a series of memberships that support our mission and vision. By purchasing a membership, you are delivering sustainability to your community.

NEAT’s memberships are outlined below. Each level has benefits and a number of votes for any general meetings.

Membership LevelDetails & BenefitsCostVote
Individual - Early registration on workshops/events
- Newsletter
- Tax Receipt
Family- Up to 2 adults and underaged children living in the same house
- Early registration on workshops/events
- Newsletters
- Tax receipt
$45One per Adult, maximum of 2
Corporate- Newsletter
- Business waste assessment/support upon request
-Tax receipt
Co-Hort Producer- Advanced registration and discounted rates to Co-Hort events
- Northern Co-Hort Newsletters
Co-Hort Eco-Farm Producer- All of the above &
- Farm listing on the Co-Hort page with photos, and a bio of the farm
- Access to Eco-Farm Skill students that can help work on the farm for a subsidized rate
- Hands-off access to sell produce through Co-Hort pop-up markets