NEAT is thrilled to be hiring a sales associate for our new adventure: The Fireweed Market!

Fireweed is a ubiquitous and hardy wildflower that is widespread in disturbed areas. Its common name reflects its regular occurrence in areas recovering from wildfires.

The Fireweed Market is an unique shopping experience that is growing in the space between first world consumerism and sustainable community building. Like its namesake, the Fireweed Market is first to appear, paving the way to new growth, new hope, and a new future.

We are looking for a creative, confident, sales associate to help grow The Fireweed Market into 2021. This could be the job for you, if:

  • you are passionate about reducing your footprint and would like to share the knowledge you have with others
  • you like working with customers to create positive retail experiences
  • you are passionate about local food


Reporting to the Store manager, duties of the sales associate will be:

  • Supporting customers shopping goals and making purchase recommendations
  • Ensuring customers have a positive experience and are likely to return
  • Support customers through their purchase
  • Receiving, pricing, stocking and restocking materials on the shelves
  • Maintaining inventory records
  • Recommend, select, and help locate merchandise based on customer needs and desires.
  • Provide proactive and useful information on the store, NEAT
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