Welcome to Fireweed Market
Sustainable Living By NEAT

The Fireweed Market is a unique shopping experience that is growing in the space between first world consumerism and sustainable community building. Like it’s namesake, the Fireweed Market is first to appear, paving the way for new growth, new hope, and a new future.

Fireweed Market is NEATs newest endeavour to provide easy, sustainable product choices to our community at large. Our aim is to provide functional zero waste lifestyle choices, and offer practical skills development through workshops while building knowledge and capacity in our customers and the community, all while helping to grow and incubate local producers, artisans and businesses.

With this in mind Fireweed has designed a unique shopping experience to help guide you to making healthier lifestyle choices today.

Fresh Herbs and Micro-Greens.
The Fireweed Market offers a variety of fresh, grown in-store micro greens and herbs for purchase and also offer the resources, tools, training and equipment necessary for customers to learn to cultivate these products in their own homes.

Refillable Household Products
Our market addresses customers everyday needs by offering household cleaning products in bulk and providing zero waste compostable supplies. Our selection of refillable household products includes multipurpose Cleaners, dish and laundry detergents plus we offer sustainable brushes, cloths, towels and household starter kits to help with the cleaning duties around the home

Our bulk food section consists of a variety of flavourful full and ground coffee beans, aromatic teas, nuts, flours, beens, lentils, yeast, dried fruit, and more. It’s easy to drop in pick up a bag of what ever you need then get going on your delicious creations at home.

Personal Care Items- Refillable and Minimal Packaging Options
The products you put on your body are just as important as the products you use around the home. And a key component of waste reduction is addressing personal care and hygiene packaging. That’s why we offer naturally based products with minimalist packaging.
– shampoo and conditioner (refillable liquid and bar form)
– Body Wash
– Soaps
– Face Wash
– Body Wash
– Makeup, brushes, and makeup removers
– Towels, cloths, sponges and loofas
All all curated with the environment top of mind.

Children’s clothes and Toys
Providing healthy, soft, breathable and reusable clothing options for our smallest community members is something we take price in offering. We want your littles to be happy so we’ve brought in products that will help support you in making the easy choice for your child.
– Cloth Diapers and diaper supplies
– Blankets
– Teething aids
– Soaps and Detergents
– Clothing (bamboo and organic cotton options) and local options as well.

Consignment Market
Fireweed supports sustainable living by offering consignment services for specific items such as home made kitchen wares and up cycled and recycled high quality furnishing or decorative household items i.e. beeswax candles, table heat savers and more.
Fireweed also works with local farmers and kitchens to supply delicious food items such as:
– Jams
– Granola
– Salsa
– and fresh vegetables (summer months)
We see huge value in supporting our local growers and producers. We are glad to have them in the store.

For consignment opportunities please Email Deb@neat.ca or stop by at 10421 100 St, Fort St John

Workshop Suite – For Rent
The Fireweed market’s influence extends beyond the confines of a retail operation. We offer a comprehensive training and education suite for rent to help encourage lifestyle change in a comfortable, iterative and sustainable way.
Our service suite will be opened over a few months following the retail opening with plans to offer workshops or educational opportunities that will complement Fireweed market products (i.e. How to grow your own micro-greens at home). More over Fireweed will work in tandem with NEAT to offer a variety of additional sustainability sessions to help you pursue a greener lifestyle. These offerings may include Bee Keeping 101, electric vehicles, conscious consumerism, solar power and more Nature based programming.

The Re-tool Lending Library
Our lending library is here to help you follow your passions and create. We offer the ability to borrow kitchen tools such as canning and processing equipment, mixers, chaffing trays, slow cookers and more for a daily fee. This maximizes the usefulness of each tool and minimizes the space it takes up on your counter tops.

Neat Members = $10/day with no deposit
Non-members = $25/day + $50 deposit
**Availability of machines & tools will be on a first come first serve basis.

Book Exchange
Fireweed is not just a place to purchase but also a place to learn about your purchases. A place to share ideas and experiences. Thats why we’v created a book exchange in our store, providing a place for customers to rest, visit and network with others as well as the ability to borrow books on specific topics you may be interested in or that pertain to the creation or skills development you are trying to develop.
This is a great place to re-use your cookbooks, gardening books, canning books, novels, and other informative reading materials.

**The book exchange runs off of donations, if you have books on baking, recipes, canning, farming, producing, sewing, household electrical repairs, baby/parenting books, etc, that you’re no longer using please consider donating them here. Thank you **

Our Future
As our store begins to grow our services will grow in tandem. With plans to offer seasonal boxes with pre-packaged recipes, seasonal project kits and monthly workshop opportunities we have a lot on the docket.
Keep up to date with all our services, products and events by following our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as this page.