The Northern Co-Hort is excited to introduce Eco Farm Skills, a 2019 summer pilot program, aimed at supporting local ecologically minded producers who would like to share their knowledge of Northern food production in the Peace Region.

Eco Farm Skills is a program created as a direct response to feedback collected through producer surveys indicating that there are times when producers could really use extra hands on farm but many cannot afford to hire full time summer help or have access to labour skilled in ecological agriculture.

Eco Farm Skills matches summer students to ecologically minded farms where they can provide supervised help with planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting etc. while being mentored about sustainable agriculture in the north. This is a fee-based service, and will cost $40/worker/day or $25/worker/half-day.

Currently, the Northern Co-Hort has three full time Eco Farm Skills workers on staff . Each of our staff members will have completed an introduction to sustainable farming practices and are ready to learn from you!

To participate in the Farm Skills program, producers are required to purchase a Co-Hort 2 membership with a fee of $200. This fee is in place to help cover some of the administrative cost of the program. To see all of the benefits to this membership, please click here.

To access the Eco Farm Skills Pilot Program and all of the upcoming Co-Hort 2 member benefits, please complete the form below.


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