Become a Junior Wild Leader

We are happy to announce a new opportunity for all of our Wildlings that are just a little too old to attend Camp Wildlings Summer Camp. We’ve heard from some of our older Wildlings that they aren’t ready to say goodbye to the forest yet. We love that they love it so much and wanted to give them the opportunity to not only spend the summer in the forest, but to also gain some real-world work experience by becoming a Jr. Wild Leader.

Jr. Wild Leaders will work closely with our amazing team of Wild Leaders shadowing them and assisting in the forest this summer. Just like our Wild Leaders, Jr. Wild Leaders will help make sure that our Wildlings have the safest, most fun-filled summer exploring beautiful Fish Creek Community Forest. This volunteer experience includes 2 days of mandatory orientation (June 29 & 30). Jr. Wild Leaders can choose between spending the summer with us or just getting 1, 2, 3 or more weeks under their belt. There are 6 weeks total to choose from on the Jr. Wild Leader application.

All perspective Jr. Wild Leader’s are required to complete THIS application with their parents. Once the application is received, the Education Coordinator, Susan McGarvey, will be in touch to set up a time for the applicant to come in for an interview.

We look forward to going Wild with a whole new team of Jr. Wild Leaders this summer!


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