Hello NEAT community! The Northern Co-hort Eco-Farm Students are here and we are thrilled to be working in your community this summer.

As part of our mission to increase sustainable food security in the Peace we will be traveling to small and medium food producers to help with whichever tasks and projects will boost their business towards their potential. This may include but is not limited to: weeding, planting, harvesting, painting, moving and building fences, digging, mulching, and representing farmers at markets.

There is an incredible diversity of food production here in the Peace and each site we visit has a unique approach to adapting to the resources available. Did you know that the Peace region’s long daylight hours balance the short growing season to produce quality tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons?

When not on farm, we can often be found tending to the Community Gardens, selling produce at Peace region markets, or helping with other NEAT programs in Fort St John. We look forward to seeing you throughout the summer and watching the products of many labours come to fruition!

Would you like to help us tailor our efforts to meet your needs? Fill out our food consumer survey to let us know your perspective on local food systems.

Are you a food producer in the region and want to add your perspective? Fill out our producer survey to tell us about your farm.

For more information on the Northern Co-hort program and how to get involved, check out this post here.

Meet the team:

Philippa is an Eco-Farm Farm Student with Northern Co-hort this summer. She grew up in Prince George discovering the value of home gardening, minimal consumption, and appreciating the great outdoors. She is excited about building resilient and sustainable food systems by helping local farmers grow to their potential and bring local food to the Peace region without sacrificing environmental integrity. Philippa completed a BA&Sc in Sustainability at McGill University and looks forward to learning from farmers and community members alike on the possibilities of growing food and living responsibly on the land.

Joey is an Eco-Farm Student with Northern Co-hort. He moved to Fort St John from Newfoundland, where he built up a repertoire of hands-on skills he is eager to apply to northern farming, recycling, and community building. Joey also works within the Camp Wildlings program with NEAT, passing on his knowledge and passion of the outdoors to the next wave of adventurers.


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