Are you passionate about your community and the environment?

NEAT has volunteer opportunities* throughout the year. Contact us to see how you can help.

Current Opportunities

Board of Directors
The NEAT Board of Directors is recruiting members. This commitment involves attending one meeting a month. The Board is looking for general members and a treasurer. If you are interested, please contact ed@neat.ca with your resume.

Garden Maintenance
NEAT maintains the school gardens at Bert Ambrose, Alwin Holland, Robert Ogilvie, Duncan Cran, and Central Schools in Fort St John, and the Tremblay garden at the Community Gardens in Dawson Creek. If you have some time to weed or water, we would be happy to have the help. This commitment is for 1+ hours per week and is flexible. For more information, please contact Karen@neat.ca.

Special Events
NEAT does community outreach for various evening and weekend events like Canada Day, Ladies’ Nights, and Fall Fairs. We have volunteer opportunities available to help out with activities at these events as well as to help prep supplies ahead of time. This commitment is for 2-5 hours of prep ahead of time and 3-5 hours on the day of. For more information, please contact Karen@neat.ca.

Program Prep
Perfect for a crafter, we are looking for someone to help prep crafts, activities, and presentations ahead of time. This would be perfect for a parent, older students, or a retiree and will involve collecting and preparing supplies for use in upcoming events. This commitment is variable and would be approximately 2-5 hours as needed. We have an inclusive, family friendly office where small children are more than welcome.

Misc. Construction
On occasion (more frequently than you might think) we need shelving, storage, or other items created. If you’re handy and have a couple of hours here and there, you would be perfect for this role. For more information, please contact info@neat.ca.



*Because many of NEAT’s programs involve children, all volunteers interacting with the public must have a criminal record check completed which includes the vulnerable sector. Record checks are free for volunteers through the local RCMP.