Tammy Hrab

Communications Coordinator
Member for:
6 years 14 weeks

Tammy moved to Fort St. John in the summer of 2004 with her family.  She immediately fell in love with the town and surrounding landscape.  Since then, she has been involved in various groups and activities in the area.  With Tammy’s background in Customer Service, discovering ways to help people with their questions and needs comes second nature.  Tammy has a strong commitment to the vision of NEAT and she is determined to be a valuable addition to the team.


Rebates Available

Do you have plans to build a home, or remodel the one you have?  Consider these rebates when making those future plans.

The City of Fort St. John, in its efforts to continue promoting energy conservation and emission reductions is now offering Green Incentives in the form of the...

Draft-proof Your Home

Are you letting heated or cooled air escape your house around windows, doors and baseboards? Time to seal things up to save on your fuel bill and reduce your home's carbon footprint.

How to do it.
Prevent warm or cold air leaks around your window and...

Paint Prices Going Up

The eco-fees for paint are increasing as of February 1, 2011.  This is the last weekend to purchase paint before the cost goes up.  If you have a home improvement project and you know what colour paint you need, this weekend might be a good time to go out and make that final choice....

New Life for Old Sweaters

We have all had sweaters that just didn't do it for us anymore.  Maybe it had pills, shrunk or it was just the wrong colour.  There are a lot of reasons why we give up those sweaters we have in our closet.  With National Sweater Day fast approaching (February 17th), I started...

Launch of 365 Tips

Even NEAT can have New Year's Resolutions.  The idea we had for our resolution was to come up with a tip for every day of  2011. We decided that we would use Twitter for our newest project.  Oh, you didn't know?  NEAT is live and active on Twitter as @...

Green Cleaning Recipes

As I walk through the store and try to figure out which cleaners are really green, and which ones just claim to be because the bottle is made out of recycled plastic, it hit me.  I remembered that I have access to some tried and true recipes that we can all mix, match, and share.


Resolutions You can Keep

NEAT would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  To help you get 2011 off to a clean, green start, we have a few resolution suggestions.  Commit to one of these New Year’s Resolutions and you are on your way!

♦ This spring/summer, commit to walking or...