Tammy Hrab

Communications Coordinator
Member for:
6 years 5 weeks

Tammy moved to Fort St. John in the summer of 2004 with her family.  She immediately fell in love with the town and surrounding landscape.  Since then, she has been involved in various groups and activities in the area.  With Tammy’s background in Customer Service, discovering ways to help people with their questions and needs comes second nature.  Tammy has a strong commitment to the vision of NEAT and she is determined to be a valuable addition to the team.


Position Filled! Thank you for your interest. We are Looking for a New Team Member

NEAT is looking to fill the position of Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant in Fort St. John.  Are you the one we have been looking for?  For a more detailed description of this position, click...

Our Christmas Poem 2015

As we do every year, our staff writes a Christmas poem.  We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

NEAT has a...

Additional Pro-D Days in SD 60

Did you get the memo?  The province has added 2 more Professional Development days to the school schedule in 2016; February 26th and May 16th.  The good news, for some, is that these new dates create 2 4 day weekends to have fun with.  The bad news is that others may have added...

Bring Your Own...

50 Shades of Green #40

written by Shana Labatch

There is a practice of bringing dishes and cutlery to food events that First Nations have been practicing for millennia. When we attend a modern balhats (potlatch) for example, many people...

Wash Laundry in Cold

Fifty Shades of Green #38

written by Tammy Hrab

This week’s challenge is to start (if you haven’t already) washing your laundry in cold water.  I know you have heard about this, but I want to share with you a few reasons...

Plant an Herb Garden

50 Shades of Green #37

by Shana Labatch


Are you thinking about starting an herb garden? We, at NEAT, think that's a great idea! It adds a fresh boost to water and meals, as well as providing some...

Summer Fun in FSJ

written by our Summer Student, Alana Green

Every Wednesday and Friday this summer, there has been tons of NEAT fun for kids at the Community Garden. Children of all ages have been enjoying crafts, games, and story time while playing with other children of all ages.  We...

Adopt a Sidewalk

50 Shades of Green #36

written by Domini Mannoly


The sun is out and the outdoors is calling!!

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking for reasons to be outdoors enjoying the...

50 Shades of Green #33

Who Needs a Dryer!?!

Walking down the grocery aisle with all the laundry detergent and cleaning products makes people either run for the next aisle, or take a deep inhale. If you’re one of the latter, there is a cheaper, safer, greener, and better way to get...

50 Shades of Green #30

Try a Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscape is a drought tolerant landscaping method.  Don’t worry though; you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for this practical and efficient way of gardening. Xeriscape doesn’t necessarily mean no lawn, so evaluate your...