Tammy Hrab

Communications Coordinator
Member for:
6 years 18 weeks

Tammy moved to Fort St. John in the summer of 2004 with her family.  She immediately fell in love with the town and surrounding landscape.  Since then, she has been involved in various groups and activities in the area.  With Tammy’s background in Customer Service, discovering ways to help people with their questions and needs comes second nature.  Tammy has a strong commitment to the vision of NEAT and she is determined to be a valuable addition to the team.


Join NEAT's Earth Day Extended Challenge

Earth Day, April 22, 2017

Let's make Earth Day more than just 1 day out of 365.  Take the 21 day challenge. This is your chance to join in and help make a difference.  Share your ideas and successes with your friends and community.  Invite...

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day, April 22
Written by Alexis Glenn

Why is Earth Day important?

Earth Day is important because it promotes awareness for the Earth’s environment and it demonstrates a support for the protection of the...

We Want to Know

Our team at NEAT has been bouncing around some ideas about reuse, green cleaning, and these days; saving money.  This has taken us in many directions, but we want to know what you think about a couple of them. 

BULK - Let us steer you away from the idea of bulk food for just...

NEAT's First Podcast - Food Waste in Canada

created by Roch Boisvert

Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin are internationally acclaimed documentary producers who created the award winning documentary on food waste, "Just Eat It." The film follows the lives of the Vancouver couple as they stop buying groceries for 6 months...

Carols, Cups, and Caffeine

By Roch Boisvert and Tammy Hrab

There are little things that we can do in our daily lives to help reduce waste.  Remember to take your reusable travel mug while you’re out shopping.  Not only will it keep your drink warm in this cold weather, but many stores will give...

Buy Bulk Better

Bulk Barn recently announced their pilot project and roll out of Project Waste Free. The plan is that people are able to bring their own containers to fill at the store. This got us thinking about our local bulk stopping options, so we...

One for You, One for Me

When we were kids and we were told to share with a sibling or friend, most of us sorted the coveted item into piles and divided them evenly between all parties.  I use this memory of summer and youth to invite you to do that again.

NEAT, in partnership with the North Peace...

Learn to Can 2016 - Registration Now Open

Another year, and another chance to learn how to can.  As you watch everything growing in your gardens, do you ever wonder what you are going to do with it all.  I admit it.  I think that all the time.  Freezing, blanching, and even sawdust have gone through my head. ...

Volunteers Needed for Canola Fest

NEAT is working with the organizers of Canola Fest to provide a kid zone at the festival.  We would love your help.  We have been provided with 10 passes into the festival for workers.  If this is something you are interested, get in touch with us.  We only have spots for...

You Too can RAPP!

That is what I said. RAPP!  No, that was not a typo.  I am talking about R.A.P.P., Report All Poachers and Polluters.  See, RAPP. 

Okay, seriously though, British Columbia has a toll free number for residents to use to report poaching...