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50 Shades of Green #18

Composting all Winter!

Ok – I’ll be the first to admit that this winter, I totally slacked at continuing to compost once the cold weather hit!  Actually I had a valid excuse (I mean reason); FRUIT FLIES! I was honestly trying to avoid those nasty...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #7

It is always a good time to think about your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO2) detectors. These alarms are small pieces of technology that could potentially save your life & the lives of your family.  The tests are easy, so there is really no excuse.  This week we challenge you to...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #5

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

The snow has already fallen, the roads are slick at times & the temperature is dropping.  If you haven’t already prepared your vehicle for the winter season, we challenge you to do so this week!
The best advice I can...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #2

This week, I challenge you to EAT ALL of YOUR LEFTOVERS!  Try not to throw out food.  In Canada, we waste about 40% of our food.  Isn't that crazy - perfectly good grub just going in the trash?  I believe we all have the best of intentions while shopping at the grocery...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #1

A Few Tips for Fall Gardening

It is that time of year to start preparing our gardens for their long winter sleep.  Your garden will thank you for spending the time now.

This week your challenge is to complete each task and more if you find things that we have forgotten...

Shining Some Light on the Language of Lighting

How can buying a simple light bulb be so confusing . . . what are all these numbers and acronyms.  We all want to make the best decision, but it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with choices.  Each box designed to capture our attention, Pick me pick me . .  Arrgg!  It feels...

Community Champions - Darren Thomson

To me a Community Champion is someone who tries.  Tries to lessen their “footprint”, someone who notices the waste they generate and takes steps to reduce the impact that they have on our environment. 
Darren Thomson, owner of Booster Juice here in Fort St. John...