Roch Boisvert

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Growing up in Northern Ontario provided Roch an opportunity to cultivate a passion for the outdoors.  Having recently completed his schooling at the University of Ottawa and some time as a volunteer conservationist on the Galapagos Islands, Roch moved to Dawson Creek in September 2015.  Roch is eager to get involved in the community and to continue growing his passion for the outdoors by taking in all the region has to offer. 


Half Full in Dawson Creek

The folks at the food bank love getting some fresh produce. 
After you've tried to give away all of those salad greens and zucchinis you just picked to everyone you know, consider bringing them down to the food bank. 

Not only a good way to reduce waste, you'...

Cleaning out the Dirty Dozen on National Organic Week

Have you ever wondered how a product gets the organic label? To be labelled organic, domestic and imported items must meet all Canadian food regulations as well as additional organic standards and inspections. Organic food is grown without pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics....

50 Shades of Green #26

Switch to Rechargeable Batteries


Did the batteries in the remote just quit?  When you make the switch, make sure you recycle them, rather than tossing them in the trash. Sending them to the landfill can possibly release mercury, lead and...

50 Shades of Green #25

Create an Emergency Kit & Family Plan

Whatever you decide to use for creating a family emergency plan is not as important as getting a plan in place for those unforeseen incidents. The idea of an emergency is that it is not planned! Many of us fly through life...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #14

Fix First!

Many of us are strapped for time so repairing a broken item rather than just buying a new one can seem like a time-saver. When you factor in the extra cash, the fuel to go get it and the cost to the environment, it may seem more feasible just to fix it...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #9

Our challenge to you this week is to come up with other alternatives to gift wrap. There are various ways you can avoid buying wrapping paper.  It is usually low quality and mixed with other materials that contaminate the recycling stream.  Many recycling locations refuse to accept...