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Jacquie joined the NEAT team in 2014.  She enjoys life in Fort Nelson and tries to take advantage of all it has to offer.  Jacquie studied Business Administration at Thompson Rivers University and has a background in Marketing and Communications.  She looks forward to applying it to her NEAT projects.  Pun intended. 

Her goal with NEAT is to add fun to her projects and create awareness of easy ways to live a little greener in the city that we call home.  Jacquie understands that no one is perfect (herself included!) but wants to work with the community on initiatives that will benefit everyone.  She knows how supportive and engaging the community of Fort Nelson is, and is very excited to be in this role!


50 Shades of Green #21

Check Something off you TO DO List!

We often feel that we are juggling multiple balls in the air and don’t know how we can possibly get everything done. One of the best ways I have found to organize my day is to write everything down on a TO DO list. It is a...

50 Shades of Green #19

Get Outside!


GET OUTSIDE! I’ll be honest with you. I was extremely excited about this week’s blog topic. I love the outdoors. I love running, I love hiking, I love camping, anything that allows me to enjoy nature and the great outdoors....

It Isn't Easy being Green...or is it?

First of all, I would like to welcome everyone to 2015! I had an amazing Christmas holiday, and (hopefully) unlike most people, I spent most of it working. Not the job that pays me type of work, but the “hey we need new floors!” type of work. As Reily and I took to renovating our...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #6

Inspect and Maintain your Furnace and Clean/Maintain your Ducts

This topic couldn’t have come at a better time as our furnace decided to malfunction the other day. It’s not cold enough out to get scared, but it’s certainly cold enough to not want to...

One Less Bag in Fort Nelson

Did you know that Fort Nelson used 57,805 bags in one week?   That  means 965 litres of oil were wasted to make plastic bags in Fort Nelson.  Plastic bags are often only used for a few minutes as consumers carry their purchase from the store to their home, however they last...

We Want Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the recycling and waste disposal options in Fort Nelson?  The Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) and Northern Rockies Regional Municipality want your opinion!   In an effort to gather more data, an online survey is being launched for both residents...