Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

For energy saving tips and coupons, join Team PowerSmart.  If you reduce your power consumption by 10% over a year, you'll receive a cheque for $75!  Look for Energy Saving Events in your community throughout the summer!

Energy conservation is using less energy—decreasing the quantity of energy used.  This can happen in two ways—through efficient energy use and reduced consumption.  

NEAT offers practical information and action ideas that will assist you as you make your personal choices about conserving energy.

Why conserve energy?  To reduce energy costs and to promote economic and environmental sustainability.  By reducing emissions, energy conservation is an important part of lessening climate change.

Conservation is a more environmental benign alternative to increased energy production.  Saving a megawatt is cheaper than making one!

NEAT maintains a working collaboration with Power Smart, and shares their view that “everything is energy.” Energy conservation does not simply mean turning the lights off and drying the laundry outside; taking any positive environmental action, from taking public transit to composting to recycling, conserves energy in some way or another. 

NEAT has been involved in the planning process for the City of Fort St. John and Peace River Regional District’s Community Energy Plans.