Dawson Creek: Bin Half Full

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Dawson Creek: Bin Half Full

NEAT is proud to be working with the City of Dawson Creek to promote waste reduction and the new garbage cart system. We know that most residents have adjusted to the automated cart system without a hitch but there are always ways to cut waste even further. 

Most of what we dispose of is either compostable (30-40%) or recyclable (30%). And a lot of the remainder can be reduced through some simple questions while shopping:  Do I need this? Can I recycle the package or the product? Can I buy this is in a more efficient way (less packaging, bulk etc.)? 

The following articles all explore different aspects to waste reduction. After all, we all win when the bin is half full.

Have comments on our suggestions, log in and leave them here or visit us at the Dawson Creek Health and Wellness Show on April 15-17. Tag us in your social media posts or use #BinHalfFull to show how you're reducing waste in your community.

Here are some more resources to help you do more with less!

Cart Placement & Other #BinHalfFull Tips
To ensure you’re helping with the smooth operation of the recent upgrade to the garbage pickup system there are a few easy to follow guidelines.

Where does the Recycling Go?
It is amazing how these items that you have collected in your kitchen or garage can come back to you again in a different forms.

The Switch a #BinHalfFull Success Story
In October, the City of Dawson Creek switched its residential garbage collection service from a manual system to a fully automated system, which was intended to reduce environmental impacts, improve neighbourhood appearance, and to provide quality pickup service as the city grows.

Dawson Creek Has an App! 
Have you downloaded the Dawson Creek Waste App to your smartphone yet?  This app can remind you when to put out your new garbage cart and can give you suggestions on how to reduce what you put into it.

Hocus Pocus! Turn Your Garbage Can to a Rain Barrel
Now that you have the fancy garbage can on wheels, some of you have an old can that you may not be sure what to do with.  If you are a little bit handy, we have a great idea - turn it into a rain barrel!