Central Nurtures Food Secure Kids

North Peace
Central Nurtures Food Secure Kids

The Northern Environmental Action Team and Ecole Central School in Fort St John have teamed up for an organic school wide project. 

Anyone that has driven by the Ecole Central School, has likely noticed the fenced off section that used to have garden beds. After the decline of the gardening program, NEAT approached the school community with a plan. Thanks to generous support from both the PAC and the school, NEAT is working with every classroom to plant food and sprout a new generation of farmers. 

NEAT has run Food Secure Kids, an in-class program for grade 3's in four other Fort St John schools, but this is the first time the whole school has been involved from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  As part of this program, students have planted sunflowers, beets, onions, radishes, corn and more. They are exploring the parts of seeds and what plants need to grow up healthy and strong, as well as, making connections between home grown produce and healthy eating. 

This project is part of a larger initiative to improve Food Security within the city. The more students learn about growing their own food, how to nurture plants, and harvest and preserve their produce, the more involved they become in the local food system. Although, northern communities may never break free of the grocery store, the more residents know about where their food comes from and what they can do to help improve the strength of the local food market, the healthier we will all be. 

Ecole Central School, Fort St John
May 4, 2015 - June 25, 2015