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Country Treasures

Posted by Tammy Hrab on December 8, 2014 - 9:20am

There is a small community that is about 1 hour outside of Fort St. John in BC.  It is an agricultural area with some like-minded residents.  We heard a rumour that there was a community share shed and decided to go find it and check it out.

One woman decided that a share shed was needed by her neighbours and she provided it.  Several years ago, this share shed started out as your typical garden shed that had items in it that people could take at no cost.  It has now grown into a full building with lights and heat, a garden shed and even an outhouse.

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50 Shades of Green Challenge #9

Posted by Roch Boisvert on December 2, 2014 - 9:56am

Our challenge to you this week is to come up with other alternatives to gift wrap. There are various ways you can avoid buying wrapping paper.  It is usually low quality and mixed with other materials that contaminate the recycling stream.  Many recycling locations refuse to accept it, marked as recyclable or not.

We won’t leave you with this distressing news without giving you some alternatives. Some ideas that we suggest would be making fabric bags, decorating newspaper or paper bags, using wall paper remnants, reusable gift bags from last season, decorating or...

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50 Shades of Green Challenge #8

Posted by Jen Slater on November 25, 2014 - 10:15am

Back to the Present

Do you remember groaning inside after opening a beautifully wrapped pair of mittens your grandma knit instead of a new toy or CD? Or wondering why mom got teary-eyed over a mod podge photo collage your little sister made her? Well I do. But now that I’m a grown woman with children of my own, there’s nothing I love more than a gift that has come from the heart; knowing someone cares enough about ME to put the time, effort and thought into a gift that reflects their talents and my desires.

Did you know that almost 20% of...

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Happy National Child Day

Posted by Susan McGarvey on November 20, 2014 - 12:22pm

It’s here!  The day we celebrate children!  Now, you’re probably thinking, “But Susan, I celebrate my children every single day”, and you’re right (although, if I’m being honest, there are days when I’m not sure “celebrate” is the right choice of words! LOL), we do celebrate our children, love them, care for them and make sure their needs are taken care of every single day.  But today is National Child Day, it’s a day to not only celebrate those children that we call our own, but children all over the world....

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Mother Nature is on Crack!

Posted by Karen Mason-Ben... on November 19, 2014 - 1:31pm

This morning as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw this from a friend of mine in Ontario: “Mother Nature, go home. You’re on crack!” There it sat beside a photo of her driveway under a tremendous load of snow.

Now I’ll be the first to agree that 2 meters of snow in as many days is only a centimeter or two away from insanity. Add to this, that it’s lake effect snow which weighs as much as shoveling rocks and the hits just keep coming.  In this neck of the woods, we only have to think back to last December and the snow that started...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #7

Posted by Students and vo... on November 18, 2014 - 10:22am

It is always a good time to think about your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO2) detectors. These alarms are small pieces of technology that could potentially save your life & the lives of your family.  The tests are easy, so there is really no excuse.  This week we challenge you to test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Sometimes your CO2 & smoke detector will be a combination or you may have 2 separate  units.  In either case, the first place to start when getting to know your detectors is to be sure you have followed the...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #6

Posted by Fort St. John Office on November 12, 2014 - 11:46am

Inspect and Maintain your Furnace and Clean/Maintain your Ducts

This topic couldn’t have come at a better time as our furnace decided to malfunction the other day. It’s not cold enough out to get scared, but it’s certainly cold enough to not want to get out of bed in the morning. Good thing for our wood stove. If it were possible, I would heat the house entirely with wood heat and forget the furnace altogether.
Reily called the furnace guy, that’s what I call him, the furnace guy. I’m sure he has an official title; I’m...

50 Shades of Green Challenge #5

Posted by Students and vo... on November 4, 2014 - 12:26pm

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

The snow has already fallen, the roads are slick at times & the temperature is dropping.  If you haven’t already prepared your vehicle for the winter season, we challenge you to do so this week!
The best advice I can give you is to read your owner’s manual and really get to know your vehicle. Aside from that, here are a few tips to complete this week’s challenge:

1.  Put on winter tires! Winter tires provide extra traction and better braking and handling – giving you more...

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Eco Fairy Makes Hallowe'en Green

Posted by Karen Mason-Ben... on November 4, 2014 - 10:06am
NEAT, South Peace

If you were in Dawson Creek on Hallowe'en you may have had a visit from NEAT's own Eco Fairy. 

Shana made the rounds of businesses downtown reminding people that even though Hallowe'en candy often comes in a small package those packages add up fast and are recyclable throughout the Peace. "Most people didn't think of that type of packaging as recyclable" said Shana.

The eco message was delivered with a sweet treat. Keep an eye out for the Eco Fairy next Hallowe'en as she delivers her green message with a treat!


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50 Shades of Green - Challenge #4

Posted by Jen Slater on October 28, 2014 - 4:14pm

As the trees shed the remainder of their golden leaves, everyone is starting to feel the chill of winter approaching. While many people are stockpiling wood and canning food in preparation for the cold months ahead, they often forget the importance of winterizing their home to ensure maximum efficiency.

Winterizing your home is a great way to keep energy costs down and your home nice and cozy. It’s as simple as walking through your home and taking a trip to the hardware store for some supplies.

1)  Go with the flow! Check for leaks &...