One for You, One for Me

One for You, One for Me

When we were kids and we were told to share with a sibling or friend, most of us sorted the coveted item into piles and divided them evenly between all parties.  I use this memory of summer and youth to invite you to do that again.

NEAT, in partnership with the North Peace Savings and Credit Union, host a Community Can each year, donating canned items to local food banks.  This is NEAT's 4th year doing this in Fort St. John. 

This is where your sharing comes in.  Many people around the Peace have gardens, fruit trees, and bushes providing them with more produce than they can use.  Help us help you.  You can donate your extra bounty to the Community Can.  It helps you avoid the guilt of waste and helps us provide for those going through a rough patch. 

Give NEAT a call at 250-785-6328 if you have fruit or veggies that you would like to donate to the 2016 Community Can.  We will love it if you can share with us, for old time's sake.