Christmas Cheer - Tips for Green Holiday Entertaining

Christmas Cheer - Tips for Green Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are here and with it, the vast array of holiday parties and get-togethers that bring co-workers, friends and families together.  Having a green party doesn't mean that you have to miss out on seasonal fun or feel as if you're trying to teach others a lesson.  With just a few simple changes to your entertaining routine, you can still celebrate the season with a green flair that will keep your conscious clear and your guests feeling festive. 

Deck the Halls

Traditional decorations made from tinsel, lights and lots of glitter can be really hard on the environment.  This year, as you make your house festive, consider going with a natural theme.  Pine cones, dried flowers, photos and ribbon all make wonderful holiday decorations.  Not feeling natural?  How about visiting local craft fairs and support local artisans while building a new arsenal of decorating delights.

Eat Locally

When it comes to feeding your guests, one of the best things you can do is to buy local, in-season ingredients.  While our Farmer's Market is done until May, buying local ingredients could be as simple as asking someone that farms if they have any root vegetables to sell, buying meat from a local butcher or, if you can't find truly local ingredients (i.e. grown/raised in the Peace River Region), watch what you buy from the grocery store.  Look for things that have been grown in BC or Alberta.

Setting the Table

One of the easiest ways to put your green stamp on your holiday affair is to ditch the paper plates and cups.  Set your table with Grandma's china, visit local thrift shops and gather a collection of mismatched china and cutlery or ask guests to bring their own.  Use cloth napkins instead of disposable for added elegance.  And when it comes to sending guests home with leftovers?  Visit the local dollar store and stock up on an amazingly wide supply of glass storage containers or, again, ask guests to bring their own.   You'll be surprised how many of them won't even blink an eye at the request!