#BinHalfFull The Switch

#BinHalfFull The Switch

In our third #BinHalfFull installment, we explore the benefits of moving to the automated cart system.

In October, the City of Dawson Creek switched its residential garbage collection service from a manual system to a fully automated system, which was intended to reduce environmental impacts, improve neighbourhood appearance, and to provide quality pickup service as the city grows.

The results of the switch have been positive. The city has saved money on tipping fees & the streets are cleaner.  The new automated pickup system requires the lids of the containers to be closed. As a result, Dawson Creek’s garbage truck operator has indicated that there is less garbage on the city streets on garbage day. With the large lids closed, birds have been blocked from getting into the garbage bags and as a result, the limited amount of garbage to escape the bins and litter the streets has been a welcome result.

Not only has discarded garbage been reduced with the introduction of the containers, but by regulating the garbage volumes with the 180 litre bin, the City was also able to reduce tipping fees. In fact, in the first month with the new containers, tipping fees were reduced by 10%. 

We know that some are struggling with the size of the new containers and we would like to help.  We will be at the Kiwanis Home, Garden and Leisure Show with the Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) to help you reduce what you are putting in your new garbage bin.  We want everyone to be able to say “This bin is Half Full:-)”