#BinHalfFull Garbage Can into a Rain Barrel

#BinHalfFull Garbage Can into a Rain Barrel

Our fifth article in the #BinHalfFull series provides some inspiration on what to do with your leftover garbage can!

Now that you have the fancy garbage can on wheels, some of you have an old can that you may not be sure what to do with.  If you are a little bit handy, we have a great idea - turn it into a rain barrel! Dawson Creek is dedicated to maximizing local water resources through conservation. This easy rain barrel project is a great way to store water to use in your garden later. 

There are tonnes of plans online and instructions for DIY rain barrels that range from super simple, to crazy complicated. Here are some easy to understand links that could be helpful. 

 This very detailed plan has step by step pictures.

Then there's another one. 

And finally this one is great because there is a video for those that are instructionally challenged.

Regardless of the plan you choose, there are a few things that all rain barrels need:
• The hole in the top needs to have a screen to keep the mosquitos out.  (I did see one example that solved this problem by having goldfish living in the barrel all summer.  It is up to you.)
• Your rain barrel will need an overflow hose.  You will be surprised how fast they can fill up.  The overflow hose keeps the water away from your foundation.
• It must have a spigot to access the water inside.  This will be gravity fed so it will need to be near the bottom of the barrel.
• And last but not least, raise your barrel up far enough to get a watering can under your spigot.  This is very important.

|Build your own rain barrel and share the results with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #BinHalfFull.  You could inspire others to do the same.