#BinHalfFull Dawson Creek Has an APP!

#BinHalfFull Dawson Creek Has an APP!

The fourth installment in our #BinHalfFull series dives deep into all the features Dawson Creek's Waste App has to offer! 

Have you downloaded the Dawson Creek Waste App to your smartphone yet?  This app can remind you when to put out your new garbage cart and can give you suggestions on how to reduce what you put into it. 

Once you go into your app store and download your Dawson Creek app, you need to enter your address so that the information you receive is specific to you.  Already know the day your garbage will be picked up?  That is okay, because there are other services provided through this app. 

If you are looking at your app right now, touch the 3 lines next to “My Schedule.”  That menu will show you other services and notification options.  Do you have an item you would like to recycle, but you don’t know where to take it?  Just touch the “What goes where” option. There is a detailed database to help you figure it out. Are you trying to find other ways to reduce your waste?  Select the “Home” option and a list of suggestions comes up.  It even tells you where to take your yard waste. 

Another helpful feature of this app is that you can use it to report problems.  It could be a problem with the app, a problem with your garbage pickup, or even a problem you noticed around town.  You are able to report the location, problem, and include a photo to help you explain.  You can even request feedback. 

Download the Dawson Creek Waste App today.  Let’s work together until our bins are half full:-)