NEAT @ Work

NEAT @ Work

pRRRdy’s Business Programs

A great place to start when moving your organization towards operating in a more environmentally friendly manner.

pRRRdy’s Business Programs include the following:
  • Waste Assessments - click this link to go to the Waste Assessment form.
  • Workshops and presentations
  • Information and Support
  • Resources
  • E-newsletter
  • Policy and implementation support

Participants in our programs are often highlighted in our newsletters and on our web page. Invite pRRRdy in to assist your organization and enjoy the higher profile of being a greener company!

Waste Assessments

This program begins with a brief on-site visit. The resulting report documents green activities currently occurring in the workplace, as well as provide recommendations for future progress.

Workshops and Presentations

A variety of topics are covered in workshops and presentations:

  • recycling
  • waste assessment results
  • composting

These presentations are suitable for a range of audiences— from large business groups to small staff meetings.

Information and Support Resources

  • Brochures
  • Resource library
  • Green-line phone support
  • Waste Reduction Directory
Follow-up Support
On the road to environmental change, pRRRdy offers support for policy development and program implementation.


“Having the waste assessment helped identify ways to reduce our waste. We now recycle more items and use recycled content paper."
Karla Marsh, Executive Director
North Peace Community Resource Society

"NEAT's advice on recycling programs has lead to the successful implementation of a recycling strategy for all of our facilities and to the development of a green buildings Policy. The City has also engaged with NEAT to deliver educational opportunities to our staff..." "Dawson Creek looks forward to continuing its relationship with NEAT"
Emmanuel Machado,
Director of Corporate Planning & Sustainable Community Development
City of Dawson Creek

"NEAT provides a unique and much needed service to the business community, municipal governments and general public throughout the BC Peace region. Urban Systems is not only proud to utilize NEAT's services, but wholly recognizes the contribution that this organization makes to our business operating system and also the positive effect they have on the greater community"
Edward Stanford
Project Manager
Urban Systems Ltd.